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Christmas Dinner for Your Dog

The Internet is full of “don’t kill your dog this Christmas” – ‘clickbait’ filling us with fear. Apart from the obvious, don’t eat Santa or the presents under the tree, or the tree for that matter, the normal cautions apply.

Avoid the pudding

Puddings and cakes contain sultanas and raisins, it’s rare but toxicity happens and if in doubt download our e-book– pages 8-9 are a handy summary. And of course, often these cakes and puddings have alcohol which is never good for a dog.

Share the abundance – just not too much

Sharing the abundance of Christmas is a given for me, just try to imagine what that ‘abundance’ smells like to a dog, so much wonderful food. What to do? Share it of course! And adding Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 makes your food into everything their food needs to be.

Portion awareness is the key

A bit like us, too much of a good thing is not so good. Bear in mind – 1 dessertspoon of ice cream for a 10kg dog = 6+ dessertspoons for us.  So a little bit of everything, please! And yes dogs can eat ice cream, not chocolate though.

Too much fat

Fat is the major cause of diarrhoea (and Pancreatitis) so avoid the nightmare trots of a ‘fat overload’. Turkey skin, gravy, roast vegetables, all have a lot of fat but are delicious and of course, dogs can eat this. Just remove as much obvious fat as possible and make it a small portion especially if they are not used to this kind of food.

People often have seafood for Christmas here in Australia so check out our blog on Can Dogs Eat Seafood if in doubt.

Visitors are a minefield for your dog

Many of us travel to other homes or open our homes to friends and family and even the most even-tempered dog and be miffed by the ‘space invaders’;

  • suddenly the couch is full of people
  • their bed or bowls are moved
  • more feet under the table
  • children!

Awareness helps your dog

  • actively discourage people from leaning over the dog
  • hugging the dog
  • invading their bed or belongings

Give them some space. You’re reading this because you care deeply for your dog, enjoy the holidays with them…they are indeed the greatest of blessings.