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What food is good for your dog when you don’t cook for yourself?

What do you do for your dog when you just don’t cook. At all. Full stop.

Matilda’s Story: A friend recently was house-sitting a gorgeous Spoodle named Matilda and neither Matlida’s owner nor my friend cook for themselves, preferring to either eat out or buy prepared food. Money isn’t an issue, this little dog previously had Wellbeing Meals (until I stopped making them) and she is dearly loved. So what does the dog get fed now?

Currently, she is fed only commercial pet food. It doesn’t matter the brand, but staying with my friend it was a little heartbreaking to see Matilda approach her bowl, sniff, and walk away with disappointment written all over her face. She won’t starve herself, she eats it – eventually. But what can we do to improve her diet and her life, under these circumstances?

Firstly adding Wellbeing Essentials to commercial Petfood is a big improvement. It adds real whole foods with life (not the beating heart kind!). While commercial Petfood claims to have all the vitamins and minerals a dog requires, these are synthetic chemicals, everything in Petfood is highly processed, no life left. Adding real food, in however a small amount improves the diet and the dog’s long term health.

I enjoy cooking and making extra for the little fur kids is never a problem but I understand not everyone has the time or the inclination.

Fast, easy ideas for good food for your dog – all requiring little or no cooking.

Most importantly – Serve everything with a spoon of Wellbeing Essentials!

Protein – about ½ the meal:

Canned salmon
Canned tuna
Takeaway chicken – remove most of the skin and all of the bones
Eggs – scrambled, fried, poached, boiled
Mince – easy to pan fry or can be served raw
Piece of beef/steak cut for stir fry – pan fry/raw
Cottage cheese
Cheese – sparingly because of the fat content

Vegetables – about ¼ meal:

Baby spinach (chopped – can be wilted with hot water. Or frozen spinach)
Grated carrot
Broccoli in the microwave and mashed
Berries with her yogurt
Grated apple
Sun-dried tomatoes chopped up
Even try baby food vegetables – mashed or pureed

Carbohydrates/grains – about ¼ meal

Packet rice – pre-cooked – just add a little water.
Chia pods – (not chocolate!)
Puffed quinoa, wholegrain rice or millet, etc from the health food aisle/shop
Weet bix
Spaghetti – just boiled
Noodles – e.g. soba noodles take 4 mins to boil

Bones: 3 x week

Raw chicken wings or necks
Lamb leg bone – from the butcher (but only let her have it for 30mins otherwise she will most likely bury it).

    All these are easy to do and make, and by adding Wellbeing Essentials, Matilda’s humans can have peace of mind knowing that she is getting not only getting real food, but any missing vitamins and minerals are also covered.