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Why Cook?

"Life is filling in the time between meals" is something many humans feel, but for dogs, they love food so much it really is the hours between meals are when 'other stuff' happens. Yes you get the odd dog (and they are odd) who 'nah', can't be bothered, but mostly even then I would say it is because you haven't found their favourite yet.

Food sharing, making food for others is perhaps the oldest tradition, the very thing that bonds us, connects us and it is still the way that we show love.

Cooking is fundamentally an act of love, and it is astounding how much love transforms food. If you love cooking you will know what I mean and if you don't yet cook, well you are just as lucky because you have the greatest pleasure to find.

When we engage our senses, cooking from the heart, health giving, wholesome, delicious food, what is not to love? And then to share that with those we love? Of course. And the dog? To me, not cooking for the dog, the fur kid is wrong, not sharing food is wrong, not thinking about their needs, what will be good for them, that is where we are wrong.

The lap dog, or the master's favourite of antiquity have always been indulged of course, fed from the best of the table, and there are today plenty of people who will buy fillet steak for their dog because they want the best. The best is not the cut, it is not necessary (indeed, the 'rougher' cuts have more flavour and frequently more nutrients) the best is the love that goes with preparing it, turning it with that act of love into health giving, life enhancing goodness.

And the best is saved for last, because there is nothing that compares with the heartfelt connection that you will experience, the joy you will feel, when you cook for your dog.  Trust me, it is worth the journey.