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What others say

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others have to say

Dog lovers’ stories are the reason we get out of bed…we love hearing about the difference Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 has made to the lives of dogs (and their cook!)  

Dr Kelly Halls – Veterinarian – Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic – Mount Martha

“I absolutely love Helen's Wellbeing Essentials and I am happy to recommend it to all of my clients.

I love that this product gives people the flexibility to feed fresh “human food" to their pets while still making sure the pet is getting a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet.

Pets seem to love it; I've had no palatability issues with this product at all. I love that it is primarily whole foods derived rather than synthetic vitamins and minerals. Reading the ingredient list - there is not much there that you would not eat yourself!

I don't think there are any disadvantages to this product.”

Claire and Molly

I just wanted to drop a line, to say how great your product is. I have a Golden Retriever; she is a rescue and her first summer with us she had awful hot spots. I had no experience with these awful things, I didn’t even know what it was when I first saw it. Tried a few different ideas and was reluctant to keep her on medication constantly.

Then I stumbled across your supplement. She has been having it daily now for must be two, maybe almost three years now. Her hot spots have decreased a great deal. She still gets them a little, February is always the most testing month! But they are way more manageable, nowhere near what they were. She only needs her medication every now and then. I do think your product has helped her out a great a deal. :)

Scooter and Janis

“No prizes for guessing why Scooter is the happiest, healthiest, smartest and most beautiful dog in the world. Two hours after Scooter came to live with us I ordered my first large bag of Wellbeing Mix and while the pantry may not always offer up food for us, it is never without Scooter’s mix. I even give Wellbeing Mix to Pushkin the cat and he loves it.” 

Renee & Hype & Boost (Agility Dogs and Ace Photographer)

“The difference I have noticed in my dogs has to be the SHINE in their coats, along with their overall health and vitality. 

It’s a load off my mind to know I can feed a healthy raw diet and know they are getting everything they need. Too many people feed canned muck in my opinion and if they knew about Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 and the benefits of it, they would be blown away!”  

Ina Van Rooyen – Redrobiena – Border Collies

“Wellbeing Essentials for Dogs became a part of my breeding program approximately a year ago.  Since I started breeding my dogs, I have fed them real natural food because I felt the urge for them to enjoy their food as well as for the nutritional benefit they get from eating natural real food.

I came upon Wellbeing for Dogs after searching for a balanced supplement to add to their diet.  I was immediately fascinated by their Mission and Values.  They use only natural fresh whole foods and super foods in their ingredients. It’s all been very well researched, developed and consulted by qualified people and Helen herself, who is the driving force behind this wonderful product.

 A well-balanced diet is the most important factor in my breeding program.  It not only maximizes the health, longevity and reproductive capacity of my dogs, it also minimizes the need for veterinary intervention. Wellbeing for Dogs is used on a daily basis to my adult dogs and puppies from the time they are weaned from mum.” 

Jamie & Peppa & Rosie

“I have been using Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 for around 5 months now and the improvements in our dogs behaviour, health and general appearance has been noticeable and I am now an convert.  Peppa is no longer anxious around other dogs or humans, in fact I would say that she is now a very social dog.  Her coat is shiny and she is a very healthy dog. 

Rosie has not limped since about the 2nd week on Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22, she has lost her puppy tuft of hair on her back (which had been with her since birth) and while she is still a little anxious around other dogs, this is improving all the time. 

Not everyone wants to hear about this, but the quality of their stools has also been significantly improved over the last 5 months.  They are now always consistent and easy to pass.  Peppa in particular used to have problems with hard stools but no more.

The best part is that we now just feed our dogs what we eat and just add some Wellbeing Essentials.  The dogs love the taste of it so they will eat salads, vegies, fruit even Brussel sprouts if it has the ‘Essentials’ on it.  If we go away and the dogs are having a sleepover with someone else, we just prepare a couple of containers of food with the ‘Essentials’ and freeze them to be used as required.

I do not know if a home-made / raw diet and the essentials range has been the only reason for all of these changes in our dogs but I do know that they are not on any other medication or diet and I have no other explanation for the changes.”

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