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We have a brand new look!

New Look. Same Exceptional Nourishment.

We're committed to offering your dog superior nutritional support. Which is why we've created a new look & feel to Wellbeing For Dogs which reflects the calibre of our care.

Our signature 22 ingredient blend remains exactly the same, so you can be confident that your dog's homemade meals will still receive that essential micronutrient boost.

Check it out!

Terrier dog looking at packet of Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

Helping to nourish your dog from the inside out

Wellbeing For Dogs is your partner in homemade diets.

• Research based nutrient blend

• Developed in consultation with vets

• Formulated to naturally provide essential micronutrients typically low or missing in homemade diets for dogs

• Provides Essential Fatty Acids and Antioxidants

• Designed to support optimal gut health

• Easy to add a daily spoonful to your dog’s dinner

Approved by Vets

“I absolutely love Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 for improving the health and vitality of my patients, and my own dog. I love that the nutrients are delivered in a real food format, so much easier for the dog to absorb and utilise them than synthetic supplements. I also love that it gives my clients the confidence to feed their dogs a fresh food diet, knowing they are providing all of the nutrients their dog needs.

I recommend Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 and I feed it to my own dog.

Most of my patients go home with a recommendation to add Wellbeing Essentials to their dog's bowl. It helps dogs with so many health conditions! They can see an improvement in their skin and coat quality, their gut health and their energy levels.”

Dr Kelly Halls, Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic

“The number one concern of vets with homemade diets is the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Wellbeing Essentials removes this risk by providing a safety net with a wholefood source of bio-available micro-nutrients frequently missing.

It also contains ‘superfoods’- sources of potent antioxidants and plant based ingredients to help promote health and wellbeing naturally.”

Dr. Barbara Fougere 
Veterinarian, Author & Educator

Our Mission

Food is the foundation of health and natural real food is the first medicine. Good health starts with good food, with lifetime health and ageing well for our beloved companions our goal.

Our mission at Wellbeing for Dogs is to help you bring your dog’s food back into the kitchen where love, good food and nourishment are in abundance.

We can make a difference - one bowl at a time. 

Making healthy real food can seem too hard, too complex and you worry about getting it right.

That is why we made Essentials Complete 22. 

Having a micronutrient safety net for your homemade diet gives you confidence and peace of mind that you are providing what your dog needs for their optimal long-term health and vitality.

Using Wellbeing Complete 22

Although Wellbeing Essentials is formulated for homemade real food diets, adding it to a commercial diet (wet or dry) will greatly benefit your dog. By adding bioavailable natural whole foods, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and boosting digestive health you will enhance the long term health of your dog.

Yes. Puppies will do very well with the nutrient blend added to their meals. The blend is designed for Adult Dogs and puppies need more calcium so we suggest that if you double the amount to 2g per 1kg of puppy you will ensure the calcium level. See the Nutritional Profile or check with your Veterinarian. They will also benefit from a fish or marine algae dietary source of Omega 3 EPA/DHA. 

There is a calculator on the Shop Page where you can enter your dog’s weight and calculate the recommended serving amount.

5g per 5kg of your dog’s weight up to 15 kg then 5g per 10 kg of dog’s weight.

Easiest way is once you know the amount to add per day, to weigh that on kitchen scales and find a spoon or container that can become the measure you use every-day. It is better to over-dose than under to ensure the micronutrients, and a little extra will not harm at all and your dog will be pretty happy with that too!

Indicative measures:

5g   = level/flat dessertspoon

10g = rounded dessertspoon

15g = heaped dessertspoon

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is a foundation to a natural diet and often the improvement is that some micronutrient need is not being met but this can be very hard to know or find out. We only know by the improvements that show up on the outside.

A softer shinier coat is usually the first thing that dog lovers notice, with improved skin integrity. A good poop, firm moist and easy to pick up, healthy looking and usually a reduced or less offensive odour. Bright eyes, and most impressive is an increase in that essential vitality!

Often it is a persistent problem for your particular dog that will improve, whether that is skin, or limp, smelly coat, lethargy, or even the ‘senior moments’. Often dogs with allergies will see a marked improvement. Dogs with arthritic problems or other joint issues will see a significant improvement in mobility and softness of muscles. Recovery time for performance dogs is reportedly improved.  

For dogs with Kidney Disease it is high in Phosphorus due to the nuts. Best avoided or consult with your Integrative Veterinarian.

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