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Using Wellbeing Complete 22

There is a calculator on the Shop Page where you can enter your dog’s weight and calculate the recommended serving amount.

5g per 5kg of your dog’s weight up to 15 kg then 5g per 10 kg of dog’s weight.

The easiest way is once you know the amount to add per day, to weigh that on kitchen scales and find a spoon or container that can become the measure you use every-day.

It is better to over-dose than under to ensure the micronutrients, and a little extra will not harm at all and your dog will be pretty happy with that too!

Approximate measurements:

5g   = level/flat tablespoon

10g = rounded tablespoon

15g = heaped tablespoon

The best before date is 12 months from the date of manufacture and a label on the pack will have a date that is the “Best Before”. We make Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 by hand in small batches so that it is always as fresh as can be. The ‘Best Before’ date means that the product is no longer at its best.

Ideally use within 3 months of opening. Exposure to air, moisture and heat spoils the oils from the ground nuts and seeds. Keeping the pack sealed and, in the refrigerator, will help keep it freshest. You can even keep a smaller amount in separate pack or container for every-day use, keeping the larger pack sealed and cool.

Keeping the pack away from heat and sunlight is important. It is best stored in a cool dark place, either the refrigerator or cupboard. It can be frozen too, as that suspends the oils.

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is totally delicious to dogs. It can be used to encourage eating of veggies or even kibble. Dogs like the smell, the taste and the texture. The Calcium Hydroxy (bonemeal) is made to be slightly abrasive to teeth so gives a gentle clean too (dogs like it). Also if your dog rejects it for any reason 100% your money back, just get in touch.

Although Wellbeing Essentials is formulated for homemade real food diets, adding it to a commercial diet (wet or dry) will greatly benefit your dog. By adding bioavailable natural whole foods, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and boosting digestive health you will enhance the long term health of your dog.

Many dogs experience different levels of stress and anxiety in today’s modern world. Veterinarians are now treating pet anxiety as a very common problem. Chronic stress increases the body’s demand for many micronutrients (particularly B group vitamins as well as others.)

Other forms of stress that dogs can encounter are – chronic illnesses such as kidney or liver disease, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, chronic infection as seen with dental disease, recovery from injury or surgery, growth and development, and senior ageing. All of these situations require more vitamins and minerals than the everyday healthy dog may need, and these dogs particularly benefit from supplementation.

Also – there are many micronutrients in Wellbeing essentials than are accounted for in the AAFCO nutrient guidelines. Not all of these are considered essential in the premixes added to commercial diets. But nutrients such as omega 3’s probiotics, phytonutrients all benefit the body above and beyond AAFCO guideline.

When supplementing vitamins and minerals in the form of wholefoods (as wellbeing essentials does) there is no risk of “oversupplementing” like there can be with synthetic supplements.

The dog is very adept at utilising what is provided in the form of food, and excesses can be released (not absorbed or eliminated) if not needed.

It's not necessary to add organ meat to Wellbeing Essentials, but you can if you want to offer your dog variety. However, with liver we would recommend no more than twice per week.

There is sufficient liver (vitamin A) in our product to cover your dog’s needs. If feeding your dog premade food with organ meat, it is usually ok as the liver content is typically low in premade food. 

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 surrounded by vegetables, eggs and dog biscuits

Calculate How Much WEC22 Your Dog Will Need In Their Daily Meal Here

Enter your dog's weight into the calculator. This will determine how many grams per day your dog will need added to their meals, and in turn how long each pack size should last you.

Other Uses For Wellbeing Complete 22

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is a lifetime gift to your dog.

Using it for a few months will make a difference to problems your dog may be experiencing, it is the lifetime health that we want to achieve.

The decline into the senior years and old age can’t be avoided but everything we do is to help those years to be healthy and full of youthful vigour. So use it every day, for the lifetime of the angel at your side.

It is made by hand in small batches as that is part of our principles of ensuring the maximum freshness. We work with a Supported Workers organization, Marriott Industries here in Melbourne and they are a lovely group of people to work with. The joke is that all the dogs at home love them after they have been doing a batch for the day (because they smell good!)

We only use human food in our products, most are organic, and the majority are locally grown or made. We buy or have made fresh each batch, and source through local suppliers. We completely support local small businesses in all our purchasing, wherever possible.

We suggest that you don’t heat it more than room temperature. The oils from the nuts and seeds are not heat resistant and you will lose the benefits. Suggest you add it to the meal prior to serving.

Yes you can, as it is made to be totally delicious to dogs and encourages them to eat their vegetables. Some call it a magic mix or like Ketchup for Dogs (because everything tastes good with Tom Sauce if you are a kid)

Essentials Complete 22 nutrient blend is best used as a foundation to homemade diets, helping you to provide everything they need on a day to day basis for optimal long-term health and vitality. Supplements are only required if you have a specific dietary need or illness that you are trying to address with your Veterinarian. We suggest you start with adding Complete 22 without additional supplements for at least 3 weeks and add in the extras only if required. 

The blend is designed for Adult Dogs and puppies need more calcium so we suggest that you refer to the Nutritional Profile and check with your Veterinarian. They will also benefit from a fish or marine algae dietary source of Omega 3 EPA/DHA. 

Yes. Some cats will love it and some cats won’t even try it because….they are cats and that is what cats are like :o) The blend is not designed for cats however so it does not provide all the micronutrients they need. Cats will need a dietary source of Taurine (like lamb heart) if they are having a cooked diet. They will also need a fish source of Omega 3.

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22


If you are not 100% happy, your money back.

That’s our promise.

If you do wish to enquire about a refund or return please contact us for details.

Please contact us and we will help organise a return or refund where appropriate.

If you are unhappy with your order of Wellbeing Essentials, we ask that you contact us within 30 days.

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Dog posing next to Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

The Benefits of Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 For Your Dog

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is a foundation to a natural diet and often the improvement is that some micronutrient need is not being met but this can be very hard to know or find out. We only know by the improvements that show up on the outside.

A softer shinier coat is usually the first thing that dog lovers notice, with improved skin integrity. A good poop, firm moist and easy to pick up, healthy looking and usually a reduced or less offensive odour. Bright eyes, and most impressive is an increase in that essential vitality!

Often it is a persistent problem for your particular dog that will improve, whether that is skin, or limp, smelly coat, lethargy, or even the ‘senior moments’. Often dogs with allergies will see a marked improvement. Dogs with arthritic problems or other joint issues will see a significant improvement in mobility and softness of muscles. Recovery time for performance dogs is reportedly improved.  

The first changes can usually be seen in 5-10 days. 3 weeks is when you will really notice the difference and then within 3 months the full health benefits for your dog will be apparent.

Setting up good digestion and gut health is essential for long term health. Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 has a prebiotic (a resistant starch - Inulin) which encourages good gut bacteria and produces SCFA. Along with healthy fibre from the nuts and seeds, lignans from flaxseed and sesame seeds and calcium in the right amount for your dog, all contribute to setting up long term goodness in the digestive system and healthy poop is the output that you will notice. Give it a little bit of time to work, and if necessary build up the amount over a week to allow the body to adjust.

Urgent Questions

While we don’t recommend it – it is a bit expensive for that, your dog will be fine if a little frisky! Maybe a bit more flatulence than normal. It is made entirely from natural wholefoods, no synthetic vitamins and no chemicals, your dog cannot ‘over-dose’ on it.

For dogs with Kidney Disease it is high in Phosphorus due to the nuts. Best avoided or consult with your Integrative Veterinarian.

Dog sniffing bowls of food with Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

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