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Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22
Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

The Science Behind Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is a research based nutrient blend formulated to provide the frequently low or missing essential micronutrients in typical homemade diets for dogs.

It's primarily designed to support and enhance homemade food for dogs, whether cooked, raw or mixed, although it can be used on commercial food to improve the plane of nutrition.

Each natural ingredient below has been selected because they are nutrient dense and have the right micronutrient profile – and importantly the bioavailability to your dog.

All are safe, natural foods, all are sourced from human food sources and the vast majority are organic making it safe to use with no risk in over-dosage. The whole ingredients are dried where necessary, crushed, and the mix is blended by hand in small batches.  

The 22 Ingredients

Dog next to Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

A Recipe For Success

The formula was developed in accordance with the Nutrient Requirements of Canines by a team including Veterinarian and Food Scientists. And with just a spoonful a day - depending on your dog's weight - you will address the key dietary areas of:

♡ Vitamins and Minerals including Trace Minerals

♡ Essential Fatty Acids

♡ A source of Antioxidants

♡ Support Good Gut Health with Prebiotics, Lignans and Dietary Fibre

♡ It is naturally anti-inflammatory and as natural food it can be safely used in conjunction with therapeutic veterinary care

♡ And best of all, it's delicious (to dogs)

The Health Benefits For Your Dog

♡ Change starts on the inside and often noticed within a week. By 3–4 weeks you see a difference and by 3 months all the benefits are noticed.

♡ The first thing noticed is improved stool consistency. The faeces (poop) are firm but moist, often less offensive odour, basically a healthy poop to pick up.

♡ Coat is softer, shinier and healthier looking.

♡ Skin conditions are often resolved or lessened. The skin integrity is improved.

♡ Limbs or joint stiffness is often lessened.

♡ A brighter eye

♡ Vitality is noticeably improved. This is especially apparent with our senior dogs. It is the energy of life that shines.

It may depend on what health challenges your dog is facing where you will notice the most change. But a good consistency poop is a gift when we have to pick them up!

Dog eating food next to Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22
Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22: 250g, 500g and 1kg packets

Interested in trying Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 for your dog?

Kelpie lying down next to Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

When we were developing our range of real food products, we quickly realised that the genuine number 1 concern of veterinarians with natural food diets is the potential for nutritional deficiencies.

You want your dog to have a long life full of health and vitality

And you know that healthy real food is the foundation for such a life of health and wellness, but it getting it right can be too hard, too complex and is a real worry.

Over-supplementing or under-supplementing are both harmful in the long term and you may not know until it is too late. Nutritional deficiencies are hard to diagnose and costly to explore. Vets are often left to treat the symptoms, not knowing the cause.

That is why we made Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22, for you. AKA. the home cook hero... to your dog at least!

Your nutritious real food and a spoonful of Essentials Complete 22 (aka: ‘Doggie Dukkah’) is all it takes.

Add it to your dog’s food every day for long term health and vitality.

Have Questions?

About the Product

There is a calculator on the Shop Page where you can enter your dog’s weight and calculate the recommended serving amount.

5g per 5kg of your dog’s weight up to 15 kg then 5g per 10 kg of dog’s weight.

Easiest way is once you know the amount to add per day, to weigh that on kitchen scales and find a spoon or container that can become the measure you use every-day. It is better to over-dose than under to ensure the micronutrients, and a little extra will not harm at all and your dog will be pretty happy with that too!

Approximate measurements:

5g   = level/flat tablespoon

10g = rounded tablespoon

15g = heaped tablespoon

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is totally delicious to dogs. It can be used to encourage eating of veggies or even kibble. Dogs like the smell, the taste and the texture. The Calcium Hydroxy (bonemeal) is made to be slightly abrasive to teeth so gives a gentle clean too (dogs like it). Also if your dog rejects it for any reason 100% your money back, just get in touch.

Although Wellbeing Essentials is formulated for homemade real food diets, adding it to a commercial diet (wet or dry) will greatly benefit your dog. By adding bioavailable natural whole foods, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and boosting digestive health you will enhance the long term health of your dog.

Additional Info

The blend is designed for Adult Dogs and puppies need more calcium so we suggest that you refer to the Nutritional Profile and check with your Veterinarian. They will also benefit from a fish or marine algae dietary source of Omega 3 EPA/DHA. 

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 is a lifetime gift to your dog. Using it for a few months will make a difference to problems your dog may be experiencing, it is the lifetime health that we want to achieve. The decline into the senior years and old age can’t be avoided but everything we do is to help those years to be healthy and full of youthful vigour. So use it every day, for the lifetime of the angel at your side.

We only use human food in our products, most are organic, and the majority are locally grown or made. We buy or have made fresh each batch, and source through local suppliers. We completely support local small businesses in all our purchasing, wherever possible.

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

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