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Well-being for dogs - scoop away!

There are many reasons our two labs are still going strong at 14 & 15 and Wellbeing for Dogs is definitely one of them. All the work has already been done for you - just scoop it into their bowls!

Essentials Complete 22 - 500g
Karthyeni Sridaran
16 year old Rani is healthy thanks to Well-being for dogs!

Dear Julie and Team

Firstly thanks for the surprise gift and written hand note we received recently. That was a sweet thoughtful gesture. Rani, my 16 year old Maltese Terrier Poodle cross has been on your supplements since 2016. She constantly receives complements about her youthful energy. She is on mum’s home-cooked diet and your Wellbeing for Dogs provide every nutrient that may be missing from home cooked pet diets. I have complete peace of mind and do not ever worry if she needs anything else. We rarely ever visit the Vet since Rani has stayed healthy, happy and youthful thanks to you. I’m trying to also wean her off store bought treats… will be great if you have plans to expand your business into creating healthy treats for pets. I have recommended your product to every dog owner I know!! I swear by it! Thanks again for helping our fur buddies live the life they truly deserve! May God Bless You!

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22
Ambiga Sandrakasan
Bono's Progress

Dear Julie
Bono is a GR. He is doing well so far. Although he is 12yo we do short walks (1km or 500m) twice a day. He has arthritis on all 4 limps and TPLO procedure done some 7 years ago to both his hind legs. He is a happy lad and his wellbeing is of utmost important to us. Thank you.

Essentials Complete 22 - 1kg
Katherine Aguirre

Essentials Complete 22 - 1kg

Great product my pup loves it

great product

as a breeder I just love this product, I only ever raw feed my dogs and pups and this makes it all so easy, I just only have to add this to their meals and know that I have all their nutritional needs covered.

Lovely Lola seems to have more energy

I love your product it gives me peace of mind knowing that I am giving my girls the best I can.. I also love your recipes and suggestions. The recipe I use was given to me by a Vet and I use that as a base and make changes. So I'm always open to new ideas. I have noticed that Lola the older of my two dogs has become much more playful and lively which is so good to see. So thankyou!

Feed Raw, need supplements

I have been feeding mostly raw, including liver chicken hearts and minced chicken necks, plus red meat, vegetables, blueberries and yogurt, soup bones and include a bit of Lifewise kibble, often as treats on walks as it’s not messy, however I’m not sure if that gives enough of the essential nutrients and have been supplementing Essential elements since Zac was a puppy. When his Agility tutor and massage therapist could no longer supply me I was directed to you, and it’s great, a regular service that can be varied. My toller is active, healthy with a beautiful shiny coat, stays lean but muscular. Very happy.

Peace of mind for adding to home made fresh food for my dogs. Ensures you aren’t missing any nutrients.

My dogs love wellbeing and I love because I know the dogs are having a healthy complete meal .


Very good stuff I have been using blend 22 for half her life and she is eleven now and she is showing slow physical ageing so far and I intend keep feeding the blend

Fantastic product. Noticed a difference in my fur baby girl.

Inky Has Her Wellbeing Added Each and Every Day

We love this product and wouldn’t miss adding it to the meals for our 14 year old dog Inky. It is my essential go to for her wellbeing. She has a very shiny, soft and thick coat that draws pats and compliments from strangers when she’s out and she is considered to be in great health for her years.
I like knowing that the meals I prepare for her have all the nutrients that I may have not covered each dinner time if I didn’t have Wellbeing Essentials mix in Inky’s bowl.
Thank you Wellbeing Team for offering this product to support Inky’s long and healthy life 🐶

Finally, healthy poos

Since starting wellbeing essentials with some other supplements, we have noticed our dogs poos look much healthier and she is more vibrant and happy. No diarrhoea since commencement. We will be transitioning to home cook which will be another improvement for Feebs health.

Mindi likes it

I give the topper daily.

Beautiful Shiny Coat

Freckles my 11 year old Border Terrier receives so many compliments about her shiny soft coat. As a rough coated dog her coat is soft with a beautiful sheen. She is not showing any signs of becoming a ‘silver senior’ as many borders are at her age and she can walk happily for 1 hour bush walks. I attribute her good health to her healthy diet and Wellbeing for Dogs. I gave Her predecessors my border collies Wellbeing for Dogs and they lived long healthy lives (16&17) with shiny beautiful coats.

This product is fabulous and has been a godsend for my 2 elderly picky dogs. I love that it is whole foods rather than a white powdered synthetic vitamin. Will definitely buy again

Wellness Essentials

My fussy girl eats this - no problems. It gives me piece of mind to know she’s not missing out on nutrients with my home cooked meals. Highly recommend this great product

My rating is 5 stars!

Wellbeing Essentials

My dog’s coat has improved enormously since using this product and her eyes look clear and healthy. Highly recommend

So easy and convenient for raw feeding

Very early

I have only just started so too soon to notice

Happy fur baby

Since using wellbeing essentials, I’ve noticed a big difference in my boys general health. His eyes are brighter and his nose is wet and healthy. He loves his home cooked meals sprinkled with the wellbeing mix. I am so grateful to this company, all the information is so helpful, Julie has been very happy to help with any enquires on the phone, and has been prompt to response to any e mails. My toy poodle is so healthy. This has taken any confusion out of home cooking. I know his got a balanced diet. I recommend this to everyone who home cooks for their fur babies. Thanks Penny

Dogs love it

Both my dogs happily eat their meals sprinkled with wellbeing and I am confident they are getting a balanced meal.

Thankyou so much for your kindness with my order. Very much appreciated as I love this product and so do my furbabies

Doggo loves it