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Very early

I have only just started so too soon to notice

Happy fur baby

Since using wellbeing essentials, I’ve noticed a big difference in my boys general health. His eyes are brighter and his nose is wet and healthy. He loves his home cooked meals sprinkled with the wellbeing mix. I am so grateful to this company, all the information is so helpful, Julie has been very happy to help with any enquires on the phone, and has been prompt to response to any e mails. My toy poodle is so healthy. This has taken any confusion out of home cooking. I know his got a balanced diet. I recommend this to everyone who home cooks for their fur babies. Thanks Penny

Dogs love it

Both my dogs happily eat their meals sprinkled with wellbeing and I am confident they are getting a balanced meal.

Thankyou so much for your kindness with my order. Very much appreciated as I love this product and so do my furbabies

Doggo loves it

Happy with the product, my dogs are enjoying this on their meal , I will happily continue to use Wellbeing.

Great products works well for my 🐶 dog love knowing he is getting everything he needs in his diet

I feel good 🐾

I am Louis and I will turn 6 next month and often still get mistaken for a puppy. I have been lucky enough to have Wellbeing Essentials since I was a boy. My human and I firmly believe this has a lot to do with it! Great product and customer service, thank you.

Love the product.

Best thing ever

We absolutely love this stuff! It gives me the peace of mind that I’m not missing any gaps in the dogs raw diet, which is of great importance to me as I want them to have the best food possible. And to make it even better, both of my dogs who are really fussy will scoff it down, no questions asked. Highly recommend!!

Amazing product and customer service

This product was recommended by the naturopath we have been seeing with our 13 year old dog.
Within days the fogginess in her eyes was so much better and she has a spring in her step!
Both of my dogs LOVE the flavour and gobble up their meals with it sprinkled on top.
Thanks also for the wonderful customer service it is much appreciated

Easy subscription process times to my usage. New packet always arrives just when I need it👍

Complete 22

Great product. My dogs love it as a healthy addition to their meal

doggon - great website

Great recipes and information, wellbeing Essentials complete the dinner. We know our fur babies are getting all the nutrient's they need.

Wellbeing Essentials

On advice from our Holistic Vet I purchased this Product. Our 12 year old Maremma suffers from Arthritis and apart from other Natural products we introduced to him he seems to be thriving. Early days yet, but our 3 dogs love it and have no problem "woofing" it down with their home cooked dinner. Mel.

Vet recommended

After rescuing my 6 year old cattle dog, Molly I took her to a naturopathic vet. I was cooking her food, as she didn’t take to any dried foods. It turned out she was unable to eat red meats. The vet recommended adding Well Being Essentials to the home cooked meals. Molly responded extremely well and continues to thrive.

My dogs love wellbeing essentials. It’s nice and fresh.

Essentials Complete 22 - 1kg
Patrizia Dalla Riva
Dora isn’t complete without her Wellbeing Essentials

Our beautiful red heeled Dora loves her Wellbeing Essentials. It helps keep her regular, fit and healthy

Wonderful product!

I had a diet plan formulated by an amazing naturopath vet and this was part of the balanced diet plan. My chihuahua is 10 months old and already was suffering from seasonal allergies. It’s been a bit over 2 weeks and she’s now hardly itching, her eyes are also less weepy. Very happy!

Wellbeing Essential

Astra is enjoying I his food a lot more as he has his wellbeing essential powder with all the goodness and natural goodness.

Wellbeing Essentials

Great product. My mini schnauzer loves it in his food. Has never rejected any of his meals with Wellbeing Essentials added to it. Thank you.

Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22
Caroline Mann-smith

Yes Abby seems to like it.

My Dogs

They have only been on this for a couple of weeks and so far it’s been good.French Bulldog number 2s have been solid and the fuzzy Shitzu has been woofing his food down..

Their coats say it all!

As I raw feed, I’ve been looking for a balancer which I love, the dogs love and meets the relevant standards so I am more confident that my dogs are getting the nutrients and minerals they need. After trying almost every balancer on the market, this is the one that we have noticed makes our chihuahua’s coat absolutely glow!

Laraine Kohler

Belle is 13 years old, she seems to be doing well on the essential 22. I added it to her fresh meat and vegetables.she likes the taste & eats all her meals up, her fur is much thicker and shiny,soft also.she also has yeasty paws ,I hope the 22 will fix. its good to know she is getting good nutrition from wellbeing essential 22. Thank you.