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Our Story

Like many stories mine starts with a dog – a very special dog - and a stand-up shouting match with a young vet. She was adamant that I was killing the puppy feeding him 'human food' as this was not food fit for a dog, calling it 'poison'. She was unable to tell me why, just that I must feed kibble, commercial petfood to my dog.

To me it is a self-evident truth that dogs have been eating our ‘human food’ since domestication, they get a share of our food, and that is a benefit for them. However the argument did instigate a journey, because I didn’t want any dog lover to go through that kind of fight with a vet and brings me here, 20 years later

My special little poodle has now passed, and his baby sister, but they were instrumental in bringing Wellbeing for Dogs into life. They both had health challenges – Marley had a half-sized liver with a shunt and Beanie was a ‘failure to thrive’ – everything that went in came up or out in a hurry.

So I set out, along with a team of professionals including Veterinarian Dr Barbara Fougere, a food development company, a food analyst, an industrial chef and a furry group of taste testers we developed a range of meals for dogs – fully meeting and exceeding the official dietary requirements (NRC, AAFCO, Europe) and more. To my ongoing regret we failed to reach commercial success, many mitigating issues, however the silver lining was the development of our current product – Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22.

Black Toy Poodles Moo and Beanie Wellbeing for Dogs

Developed for dog lovers who wanted their dogs to have real food to make their own homemade food, it was formulated from the deep research and product development required to cover the gaps that we realised were in the modern human diet when fed to dogs. To this day it continues to be the safety net for homemade diets for dogs.

Chicken and vegetables made for dog food with Wellbeing Essentials 22 Wellbeing for Dogs

Our Mission

Nourish. Nurture. Love. 

The very essence of food is to nourish, and given that dogs nourish us where few others reach, it is almost a duty of care to nourish them in a way that we can, with food, delicious gorgeous healthy wholesome and real, food.

We live in a time of plenty yet our loyal and loved companions suffer modern diet related diseases like diabetes, obesity, inflammatory diseases.

Much of this is attributable to consuming highly processed food, just like it is for humans. The problem is, it seems to me, that no matter how fancy the Petfood is, dry or canned, it is still by necessity a highly processed food. The nourishment is missing. Most dog lovers would be very willing to make homemade dog food for their dogs if they knew how easy fast and simple it can be. And that is the aim of this website and the products we make at Wellbeing for Dogs.

Dog food has been hijacked by big business and it is our goal to bring it back to the home and the kitchen where love, good food, and nourishment are in abundance.

Happy terrier dog running on grass Wellbeing for Dogs

Our Purpose

To improve the way we nourish our dogs, one bowl at a time, through education, inspiration and a helping hand.

Our Mission

To change the pet food paradigm so that the first choice in feeding a dog is fresh natural real food.

Our Values

1. To operate with integrity in all our products and processes

2. To have transparency in all our actions and honesty in all our dealings.

3. To recognise and acknowledge the role that our companion animals have in giving us joy, opening our hearts, boosting our self esteem and increasing community.Plus making us laugh frequently.

4. To show our dogs love and generosity with delicious and healthy bowls of food.

Golden Toy Poodle being cuddled Wellbeing for Dogs

Wellbeing Essentials eBook

You have to do the heavy lifting, make your dog’s food and make it the best you can, but you can let our Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 take care of the gaps.

Download our e-book, or get a FREE hard copy with your first order to learn more about the benefits of a homemade diet.

You may also like to read our blog for more information on canine nutrition and ideas on how to provide optimal health and vitality for your dog.

Wellbeing Essentials the real food revolution free ebook Wellbeing for Dogs

Whatever You Do, Start Now

It is never too late to give your dog a nourished life with health and vitality into their senior years. I can assure you, you will never regret starting now.

With much love,

Helen McNall, Top Dog – Wellbeing for Dogs