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All Things Wellbeing Blog

While we often take care of our own health and wellbeing, our furry friend is sometimes forgotten.  So how do we maintain our dog’s health and wellbeing?
Winter has arrived with a cold, windy and rainy start and I’m left wondering how to exercise and keep my Bobbi warm so she doesn’t wake me in the middle of the night.  Four am is not my happy place, especially with a frost and a very slippery back decking. Bobbi has quickly learnt to tippy-toe to keep her balance and keep as dry as possible.
A recent article inThe Age titled "Humanisation of pets’: Inside the $4b-a-year pet vitamins boom" found that the amount we spend on health products and supplements for our much loved pets is just a little less than what we spend on taking them to the vet.  So the pet supplement business is booming, and it's encouraged by large advertising budgets.
Old age in dogs is often marked with pain, disease and suffering and increasing levels of diabetes, obesity and cancer.  Food is the foundation of health and luckily it's never too late to improve the way your dog is nourished.
Coming home with a new puppy is delicious, you will laugh so much your sides hurt!  But although this is a time of much excitement, there is plenty to learn as well.
Deciding to have a puppy is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Don’t make one of these 3 common mistakes when considering a new puppy.
My passion is helping dog lovers feed their beautiful dogs with real food as I believe the best dog food is the one you make yourself.
My latest tryout is Polenta and to my surprise both human and poodles were delighted, with licked plates each time
Are nuts good for dogs?  Yes, they are!  Wellbeing Essentials includes almonds and brazil kernels, along with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) because they are such powerhouses of minerals, and now we know there is an added benefit, helping your dog to have a long healthy life.
I have filtered the water for my dogs (and for myself) since I realised Marley was having a reaction to fluoride in another product (doggie toothpaste). I did some research, talked to my vet, and found out that fluoride is far more toxic to dogs than humans
Studying Psychology at the University of New England, the Agricultural Sciences students had to do a chemical analysis of a leading brand of Pet Food. They found that among other things it contained nicotine.
I am often asked about breakfast, it’s one of those ‘tweeny’ meals, not vital but those eyes look at us when we are having our breakfast so something has to go into the bowl.