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Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

"I've been using this for many, many years. I believe this has helped all my dogs reach 18 years of age, along with a good diet. It is a brilliant product to help supplement your dog's diet." - Ann Tomlinson

Size: 250g

What size will I need for dog?

Enter your dog's weight into the calculator. This will determine how many grams per day your dog will need, and in turn how long each pack size will last you.

Formulated and developed in partnership with vets to naturally cover the typical deficiencies in homemade food for dogs.

22 natural wholefoods have been selected and blended to provide the low or missing:

  • Micronutrients – essential vitamins and minerals
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Prebiotics for gut health

  • Available as a one-time purchase or on a recurring subscription basis (free shipping on all subscription purchases).

    100% guarantee your dogs will love it or your money back.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    Trina Stretton
    Finally, healthy poos

    Since starting wellbeing essentials with some other supplements, we have noticed our dogs poos look much healthier and she is more vibrant and happy. No diarrhoea since commencement. We will be transitioning to home cook which will be another improvement for Feebs health.

    Sandra Wait
    Mindi likes it

    I give the topper daily.

    Beautiful Shiny Coat

    Freckles my 11 year old Border Terrier receives so many compliments about her shiny soft coat. As a rough coated dog her coat is soft with a beautiful sheen. She is not showing any signs of becoming a ‘silver senior’ as many borders are at her age and she can walk happily for 1 hour bush walks. I attribute her good health to her healthy diet and Wellbeing for Dogs. I gave Her predecessors my border collies Wellbeing for Dogs and they lived long healthy lives (16&17) with shiny beautiful coats.


    This product is fabulous and has been a godsend for my 2 elderly picky dogs. I love that it is whole foods rather than a white powdered synthetic vitamin. Will definitely buy again

    Debbie Ryan
    Wellness Essentials

    My fussy girl eats this - no problems. It gives me piece of mind to know she’s not missing out on nutrients with my home cooked meals. Highly recommend this great product

    My rating is 5 stars but only 1 star is clicking on!!!

    About Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

    The formula was developed in accordance with the Nutrient Requirements of Canines by a team including Veterinarian and Food Scientists. And with just a spoonful a day - depending on your dog's weight - you will address the key dietary areas of;

    ✔ Vitamins and Minerals including Trace Minerals

    ✔ Essential Fatty Acids

    ✔ A source of Antioxidants

    ✔ Support Good Gut Health with Prebiotics, Lignans and Dietary Fibre

    ✔ It is naturally anti-inflammatory and as natural food it can be safely used in conjunction with therapeutic veterinary care

    ...And best of all, it's delicious (to dogs!)

    Dog looking at homemade bowl of food
    Dog sniffing homemade dog food with Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

    Health Benefits of Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22

    ✔ Change starts on the inside and often noticed within a week. By 3–4 weeks you see a difference and by 3 months all the benefits are noticed.

    ✔ The first thing noticed is improved stool consistency. The faeces (poop) are firm but moist, often less offensive odour, basically a healthy poop to pick up.

    ✔ Coat is softer, shinier. Healthy looking.

    ✔ Skin conditions are often resolved or lessened. The skin integrity is improved.

    ✔ Limbs or joint stiffness is often lessened.

    ✔ A bright eye (if you know what I mean by that).

    ✔ And most important vitality is noticeably improved. This is especially apparent with our senior dogs. It is the energy of life that shines.

    It may depend on what health challenges your dog is facing where you will notice the most change. But a good consistency poop is a gift when we have to pick them up!

    The 22 Ingredients