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5 Essentials For A Happy Healthy Dog

1. Sound nutrition

What you provide for your dog to eat is the major factor in their long term positive health, more than just the absence of disease, aging well without suffering is what we want for our beloved dogs. Good health starts with good food, real food, made with love

2. Exercise

Whether a lounge lizard or a working dog, all need some exercise, for the body and the mind. Healthy dogs need to be out with you exploring the world, and remember if they are left to exercise themselves it will probably involve getting into mischief.

3. Safe and secure

Dogs need both a physical place in your home to call theirs, a bed, a special mat, that is out of the way of feet, and human traffic. And they need to know their boundaries of how you want them to behave. There is only one way to teach a dog anything and that is with love. A ‘canine companion’ knows the 5 basic commands, sit, down, stay, heel, recall(come to you when called). I like ‘give’ (or drop) too. With these essentials, your dog will be confident of themselves and you will have a companion who is a joy to be with. “Give a dog a job or they become self-employed.” That is up to you.

4. Play

Dogs are the very essence of spontaneous fun and joy and are ever ready for a game, for play, even if that is watching the sunset together. They can bring out the child in us, the sheer delight in being alive. Fun toys, squeaky toys, smart toys, toys to catch and toys to cuddle needn’t be expensive. (and a toy box!)

5. You

The most fundamental essential that a dog needs to lead a happy healthy life is your love and your companionship. They give so freely of themselves, they open our hearts, giving our love back freely is the greatest joy for both you and your dog.