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Are Nuts Good For Dogs?

We all know that, aside from those with allergies, nuts can be a healthy addition to humans' diets. But, are nut good for dogs? Read on to learn about nuts in dogs diets.

We go nuts for nuts

We all love nuts, and now we have a reason to enjoy. This scientific article from the Harvard Gazette shows that nuts are so good for us, they not only keep us slim, they also reduce the risk of death! Based on human research of course, and if you want a long healthy life eating a handful of nuts a day is a key.

Are nuts good for dogs?

Yes, they are! Wellbeing Essentials includes almonds and brazil kernels, along with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) because they are such powerhouses of minerals, and now we know there is an added benefit, helping your dog to have a long healthy life. Yet another reason (if you needed it) to add the Wellbeing Essentials to their food everyday!

How to serve nuts to dogs

Nuts need to be ground for a dog to digest - fed whole they tend to pass straight through.

The only nut to avoid with dogs is Macadamia nuts, although the actual toxin is not known. But like grapes, they affect some dogs, so best to keep out of the dinner bowl.

And never, ever give the shells to dogs. Shells can’t be digested and risk puncturing or obstruction and a very expensive bill from the vet.

Wellbeing for Dogs is of course more interested in our dogs’ health than our own, we love nuts though and now nuts are definitely a good human food for dogs everyday too.