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The Best Dog Food Is The One You Make Yourself

My passion is helping dog lovers feed their beautiful dogs with real food as I believe the best dog food is the one you make yourself. Read on to learn why.

Dogs needs are different to humans'

But, and there is a big but, dogs do have special needs, different from humans, and this is why most vets will tell you not to feed your dog human food.

It is easy to lose confidence, and with the pet food giants ‘balanced and complete’ mantra, many dog lovers resort to giving their dogs commercial pet food.

Why I created Wellbeing Essentials

You don’t need to. That is why I made the Wellbeing Mix.

Together with a Veterinarian and Technical food analyst we did R&D aiming to provide a safety net for the potential nutritional deficiency in homemade food.

t does other things as well, but most important was to take out the guesswork in making real food for our dogs, and giving you confidence that, coupled with the good food that you make, the dog is getting the vitamins and minerals, the micronutrients, they require for long term health.

By just adding the recommended amount for your dog’s weight, you have it covered. You also have essential fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics, all for long term health. All done and delivered by natural whole foods so you can’t overdose it, dogs love it, and it is fundamentally good for them.

The main game though is to ensure that they are getting the foundations that they need. The rest really is up to you!

Let's get back to cooking and making deliciousness for dogs!


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