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Choice. We think we have it, are making it, but without knowledge, true choice is not possible.

That is what started me on this journey, to share my knowledge and learning about how and what we should feed these loving companions of ours and to offer dog lovers information so they could have a choice and make informed decisions.

It is accepted wisdom now, passed on from Hippocrates even, that you are what you eat, and this no less applies to us as it does to our dogs.  What we feed them matters, matters to their health and wellbeing, to their vitality, absence of disease and sickness, and to their longevity.  What you feed your dog matters.

There is so much misinformation, myth, scaremongering, and complexity when you look at what to feed your dog, it is hardly any wonder that even the most ardent dog lover will surrender to the advertising of the pet food giants.

Divide and conquer? Maybe, but the role here at Wellbeing for Dogs is to inform, to educate, to share and inspire.  And along the way, dispel those myths.

Wellbeing for Dogs makes products based on the bounty of nature, the science of nutrition and what we know dogs need in the diet, to bridge the gap between the everyday food that we make for ourselves and what is required by these four legged fur kids in our lives.

Life is busy, we are time poor and barely get to feed ourselves well, but my goal is to inspire you to nurture yourself along with your dog because you will thank each other in the long term.

I love the ideas of Jamie Oliver, that good food shouldn't be difficult or expensive, that wholesome delicious nutritious is easy for you, and easy peasy to adapt for your dog.

Join me on this journey.


As responsible pet parents, it is our job to make sure our canine companions are properly cared for as seasonal temperatures rise. Which is why it’s imperative you know how to keep your dog cool in summer, how to help regulate their body temp and avoid dreaded heatstroke. Luckily, there are a whole host of things we can do to keep our dogs healthy and happy during the sunnier months.

What are the do’s and don’ts of giving leftovers to your dog? Can leftovers make my dog sick and can they have too much of a good thing? Here we will discuss how feeding your dog scraps or leftovers from your meals can affect their health, what sort of things are good and bad for them, as well as how to ensure your dog is receiving optimum nutrition in their daily diet.

Want to know what to do if your dog is bored of their food, learn how to tell if your dog is getting too much to eat, and how to tell if your dog is getting enough variety in their food? Then read on for all these answers.