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Dog Bones and The Heimlich Manoeuvre

I nearly lost my special little Moo. It was a terrible moment, a piece of chicken cartilage was caught in his throat. He couldn’t move it, couldn’t breathe. I was beside myself. I vaguely knew the Heimlich manoeuvre for humans. How to apply this to a little 5 kilo poodle?

It ended well. The offending piece dislodged and he was breathing again. FYI here is the Heimlich for dogs:

Dog bones and things to chew are necessary for your dogs teeth, and for fun, and most importantly for calcium. But no bones about it, they are dangerous (forgive the pun).

Dogs by and large are designed to crush food enough to get it down, into the stomach where it is harder for another dog to steal it. Good strategy, and their saliva is there to facilitate that, to help it slide, but it can go wrong. My solution is to give them big bones that they can't easily break.

However, calcium is vital to dogs, so they need bones they swallow or a calcium replacement. The Wellbeing Mix does just that, it covers their calcium needs so I don’t need to worry that they are getting the bonemeal from the bone, but can eat it for pure enjoyment (and a workout). I want to help you relax when making their dog food, to take out the guesswork, and be confident that your dog has the calcium they need along with all the other micronutrients that can be low or missing. No stress.

So bones or no bones, make sure their calcium needs are met. And be safe with bones, supervised is for me the only way.