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How to Decide to Have a Puppy In Your Life

Before getting a puppy – especially if you haven’t had a dog before it is worth knowing what we think are the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when deciding to take this step.

1. Ensuring That You Have Enough Time

We strongly recommend that you organise getting a puppy in line with taking holidays or being able to work from home for at least the first few weeks.  Apart from being exhausted from disrupted sleep and the full on flat out (or totally pooped) puppy they need feeding 3-4 times daily and teaching how and where to toilet, how to interact, how to explore and how to connect with you, to follow you and respect you and love you.

It is a total pleasure to do all these things, of course, but make no mistake, it takes time and that time has to be made available.  And if you don’t have time for this perhaps consider getting a cat.

2. Wrong Breed For the Lifestyle of the Human

We strongly recommend doing your research before falling in love with a puppy.  All puppies are adorable, but not all adult dogs will suit your particular needs and way of living. If you thrive on exercise, or love cuddling up with a book, there is a breed that will suit, and a breed that will clash. The clash is very sad for both parties.

Not all small dogs can live in an apartment, and not all big dogs need a lot of space or exercise. If unsure, do your research, talk to owners, go to the park - find out the ups and the downs of breeds you think you might like.

Never buy from a pet shop. This practice encourages puppy farms and as we currently have no legislation in place to enforce standards, there is no way of knowing the conditions that your puppy was born into. Puppies taken too young from their mothers frequently have ongoing social adjustment problems, if kept in cages are difficult to toilet train etc etc. It just isn’t worth it.  Better yet, adopt from a rescue or shelter and give a dog a second chance at happiness.

3. Little Knowledge of What Dogs Need in Order to Thrive

It is a universal truth that dogs need:

  • To feel safe
  • To be loved
  • Nourishment

To feel safe

is a fundamental need that is often overlooked and comes from a number of sources. Dogs are tribe members, much like we are, and they need their tribe even if that tribe is just you. They also need a place to be that is their place, their sanctuary.  Whether this is a bed, a spot on the lounge or something different, it is a place where they can go and rest knowing they are secure and safe.

To be loved

sounds simple enough, after all what is not to love about a dog?  By embracing their essential nature, that is fun loving, playful and just being in the moment, is one of the greatest joys of having a dog in our lives.  Socialising is also vitally important to the sound development of your dog.  Exploring the world with you is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.


is your responsibility, and you should do your absolute best to provide food that nourishes your dog.  If you have been following Wellbeing for Dogs for a while, you will know that we advocate feeding dogs real food not factory made commercial pet food.  After all, you wouldn’t feed a human child food from a packet or tin their whole life and expect them to thrive, so why do we expect to do this for our dogs?  Take care of your dog's nourishment needs with the Wellbeing Essentials - your good, honest, healthy food, that is the perfect mix for giving your dog the best opportunity to thrive.