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Your Dog's Wellbeing - A State of General Health and Happiness

Wellbeing has become a popular word these days especially with a dog involved.  I’ve seen wellbeing dogs for police stations, hospitals, schools and businesses and even our new economic minister mentioned wellbeing as a measure of the health within our society.  I’m sure there is many other areas where our precious dogs are being used for the wellbeing of us humans. 

There was a featured article in The Age called The Canine Ascendancy looking at the ways we are humanising our dogs.  This has become even more evident during and after the pandemic and lockdowns.  Many of us relied on our dogs to supply the companionship and closeness that we missed with our family and friends.  But… it seems sometimes the benefits for our furry friend is not entirely mutual.  Dogs do need to be able to be a dog for their own wellbeing.

How do we measure and provide the basics of wellbeing for our dogs?

Be Active 

Exercise includes as many walks as possible. Even while I'm trying to get this newsletter finished Bobbi is wanting me to throw the ball outside.  Outside means me being involved not just sitting here throwing it out the door.  Me being involved also seems to give her acknowledgement she is worth my time and engagement, the joy in her step is unmistakeable. 

Keep Learning 

Teaching new games, exploring different walking tracks and taking in new smells.  If your dog has the inclination try agility training or something that tests them. Teach them obedience and the basics of sit, stay, drop, heel, come/recall and walks with a slake lead - these are fundamental to a well behaved and safe dog.

It seems it’s also important for us to keep learning about our dogs.  I have found it fascinating to start to learn doggy communications and we humans do get it wrong.


This seems to be more for human wellbeing.  We need to give to society, just as a dog always gives love and attention.  It is through you that your dog experiences life, so give your dog what makes them happiest.  Only you know your dogs favourite things, it’s very individual but you do know when they are happy.   One thing dogs love is being with you.  Like a child, a dog knows when you are distracted, so spending quality time where you give your focus to your dog, this is a gift of giving for your dog.


Socialising with other dogs and different humans.  I’ve discovered it’s not so easy to socialise our dogs these days.  One place I thought would be helpful was the local doggy day care.  I soon discovered there are numerous rules before your dog will be considered.  One of the rules is proven social skills.  Difficult unless you have an extended doggy family, especially since a lot of covid pups probably haven’t had that opportunity.  It seems this is going to be a growing problem. 


Nutrition and food are the two areas that Wellbeing for Dogs feels passionate about and where we have the most to offer and contribute to your dogs long-term health.  We all want to do our best when it comes to feeding and I see so many people struggling to know what is considered a balanced diet if they decide to feed real food. 

We have to make feeding as simple as possible — give variety and quality food plus Wellbeing Essentials Complete 22 and you have the basics covered.   Dogs love the aroma of food cooking, any dog in the vicinity of a chicken in the oven will demonstrate this.

If you would like more information about how to incorporate the real food diet into your dog’s lifestyle check out our FREE eBook for helpful tips, recipes and key information.