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Our Mission, Purpose and Values

Our Mission, Purpose And Values

Nourish. Nurture. Love.

The very essence of food is to nourish, and given that dogs nourish us where few others reach, it is almost a duty of care to nourish them in a way that we can, with food, delicious gorgeous healthy wholesome and real, food.

Let’s face it, they hang with us because of the food – dogs really love food. The rest of it is a bonus. Sleeping on the couch, long walks, playing fetch, cuddles, these are all good, but a full belly tops the list.

We live in a time of plenty yet our loyal and loved companions suffer modern diet related diseases like diabetes, obesity, inflammatory diseases.

Much of this is attributable to consuming highly processed food, just like it is for humans. The problem is, it seems to me, that no matter how fancy the Petfood is, dry or canned, it is still by necessity a highly processed food. The nourishment is missing. Most dog lovers would be very willing to make homemade dog food for their dogs if they knew how easy fast and simple it can be. And that is the aim of this website and the products we make at Wellbeing for Dogs.

Dog food has been hijacked by big business and it is our goal to bring it back to the home and the kitchen where love, good food, and nourishment are in abundance.


To improve the way we nourish our dogs, one bowl at a time, through education, inspiration and a helping hand.



To change the pet food paradigm so that the first choice in feeding a dog is fresh natural real food.







  1. To operate with integrity in all our products and processes
  2. To have transparency in all our actions and honesty in all our dealings.
  3. To recognise and acknowledge the role that our companion animals have in giving us joy, opening our hearts, boosting our self esteem and increasing community.Plus making us laugh frequently.
  4. To show our dogs love and generosity with delicious and healthy bowls of food.