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Recipe: Breakfast Muesli for Dogs (and their humans too :o)

An easy fast and very simple way to have breakfast for the fur kids – our dogs – ready to go in the morning. Although the core part is important for getting the result, this recipe is a guide, you can adapt it to your dog’s taste preferences.

Sweet or Savoury?

Some dogs like sweeter things, more fruit for instance and some will prefer meat and yes you can add meat to this, sweet and savoury together are a human thing we avoid, dogs really don’t mind.

Dogs, unlike cats, do have a sweet tooth, not as much as humans, but they have a taste for it. I had a Weimaraner who would pick her own blackberries off the bush (and sometimes get caught by the thorns!)

Fussy eaters might be helped too with some Wellbeing Essentials sprinkled on top, it is like a “doggie dukkha” that makes everything delicious.

Recipe: Breakfast Muesli for Dogs (and their humans too :o)

Core component – Evening before:

  • 1 banana mashed
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup milk or milk substitute
  • 2 dessertspoons plain yogurt
  • (1 dessertspoon honey – optional)

Mix well and leave overnight. In the morning the mix will have thickened and have the oats have fermented and softened.

Before serving – add any variety of the following

  • ½ cup blueberries
  • 1 small apple – grated or chopped
  • 1 hard-boiled egg (if in a hurry raw egg can be used)
  • Any leftover vegetables :o)
  • Fry some mince to sprinkle on top for the meat-eaters
  • Wellbeing Essentials is a tasty addition too (for the fur kids)

Ready to eat – add your toppings

You can make up a double batch at a time, will keep a few days in the fridge and it freezes well.

Freeze in portions but don’t keep it for long as the banana keeps breaking down into a syrup.

Remember this meal is not designed to be a balanced nor complete meal but fed as part of the variety of foods that make up a whole diet.

Yes, I do have this for breakfast sometimes too, I add more berries, nuts, and more yogurt. It is delicious and gets you through the day!


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