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The Health Benefits of Homemade Food for Dogs

Congratulations, you’re already thinking like us here at Wellbeing for Dogs – you want to feed your dog better food. Read on to learn about the health benefits of feeding your dogs homemade food.

The start of our journey into feeding homemade food to our dogs

This journey started with the same determination for us; to make a nutritionally complete meal for dogs using human food and keeping its very nature of looking and being like a meal.

A meal exactly like you would make yourself, for yourself – only we wanted it to be everything that a dog needs.

So, we conducted research.

Research and development was conducted over a year-long period consulting with Dr Barbara Fougere - an eminent veterinarian - and Anthony Perriam - a senior (human) food analyst - who works with the biochemistry of food. We were successful, making meals with everything they need, plus therapeutic food as well.

From that research, and during it, we realised that the single most common complaint and objection that vets have to homemade food for dogs is the potential for a nutritional deficiency.

This is understandable given nutritional deficiencies of the past and the lament of the pet food educators that it can’t be done – a very common assertion.

Wellbeing Essentials 22 was born

However, we took our understanding of food and our learning about the nutrient requirements of dogs via the AAFCO profile and other research bodies and Wellbeing Complete 22 was born.

It is the bridge; a wholesome, easy to use, delicious bridge that ensures the dog’s micronutrient needs are met.

Like the Wellbeing Meals that it came from, Wellbeing Complete 22 isn’t just about getting the basics right, which it does, but also enhancing the dog’s diet to optimise their long-term health and wellbeing.

Of course, it is up to you to provide nourishing and delicious food for your dog - it is you after all, who is the cook and who decides.

Why does your dog need Essentials Complete 22?

# 1Dogs have different needs to humans in nutrients 

Dogs have different needs to humans in nutrients – the main one is the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Humans are the opposite to dogs, needing more phosphorous to calcium. When fed a diet the same as yours they don’t get this balance. Wellbeing Essentials ensures their food is balanced and they have all the calcium they need.

# 2 

Modern food means that we don’t always eat everything we should

Modern life and modern food means that we don’t always eat everything we should, or the range of foods that we should, and when making food for your dog it is the same. Wellbeing Essentials has a wide variety of foods that are nutrient-dense and provide the micronutrients often missing in modern diets.

# 3 It's specifically designed for dogs

It is designed specifically to complement homemade dog food meals, in accordance with the Nutrient Requirements for Dogs

# 4 Take the guesswork out of feeding your dog

Take the guesswork out. You can have confidence in making food because you have a micronutrient safety net.

# 5 Peace of mind when feeding your dog is priceless

Peace of mind is priceless. We use all-natural whole foods so there is no risk of overdosage as there is with synthetic vitamins.

What is in Essentials Complete 22, and what are the health benefits for dogs?

Our natural ingredients are multifunctional; no single source like a chemical vitamin pill.

They also have the highest bioavailability (retained amount of benefit) because they are completely natural.

At Wellbeing for Dogs, we make no secret of what is in our mix. The list below outlines it all, as well as providing you with an overview of the health benefit each ingredient delivers.

  • Flaxseed – Omega 3 essential fatty acid, low in processed modern diets, essential for the brain, helps itchy skin and great for shiny coats.
  • Dehydrated Organic Lamb Liver – a superfood rich in Vit A, a powerful antioxidant, B vitamins, Iron and Selenium, all essential for the central nervous system and energy conversion.
  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Bonemeal) – Bonemeal is a balanced source of calcium & phosphorous.
  • Brewer’s yeast – B vitamins primarily which are essential for nerves and brains.
  • Lecithin – Choline metabolises fats and helps with brain function.
  • Sesame seeds, Brazil kernels & Pepitas – for zinc & selenium – essential minerals often low in Australian soils.
  • Wheat germ – high in manganese which helps bones and muscles
  • Almonds – antioxidant with vitamin E, magnesium and Tryptophan – a calming, feel-good amino acid.
  • Sunflower seeds – EFA Omega 6 (linoleic acid) vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, all essential for optimal health.
  • Kelp – many facets to this wonderful resource from the King Island, but added primarily for iodine, essential for healthy thyroid function
  • Reishi Mushroom powder, dried bilberry, barley grass & spirulina – all known powerful antioxidants, with many health benefits.
  • Celtic Sea Salt – naturally harvested sea salt is rich in mineral and trace elements.
  • Inulin – a prebiotic that encourages good intestinal bacteria to maintain gut health.
  • Tocopherols – a source of Vitamin E providing antioxidants and a natural preservative of essential fatty acids.

Next stop: Wellbeing Essentials for your pup today!

Now that you’ve taken the time to understand why homemade food for dogs can be so beneficial, yet needs to be correctly formulated, why not read a little more about Essentials Complete 22 and start planning a more complete suite of meals with a sprinkle of Complete 22 on top for your furry friend today.