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Recipe - Cooking For The Fur Kids: Breakfast

I am often asked about breakfast, it’s one of those ‘tweeny’ meals, not vital but those eyes look at us when we are having our breakfast so something has to go into the bowl.

Breakfast for dogs is to me the easiest meal because it doesn’t need to be complicated, and let’s face it who has time through the week to make breakfast for ourselves, much less the fur kids.

My way of thinking first of all is that this is a little meal, usually half or less of what they have for dinner, and I focus on a protein more than carbs or vegetables.

8 Breakfast Foods For Your Dog


Leftovers are the most obvious and easiest. I almost always have some tasty smackerels in the fridge, cold chicken, beef, lamb, anything that is tasty (including the odd spaghetti dish)


Eggs are a favourite. Fried sunny side up, scrambled with a bit of parmesan cheese, hard boiled, all delicious, easy and oh so good. I cook a few boiled eggs at a time and chopped up it’s an easy add to some other leftover or cereal for breakfast in a hurry. I always cook eggs, raw egg white isn’t good long term for dogs but I usually leave the yolk runny.


Sardines- preferably in spring-water and no added salt. Fast easy and great for getting that omega 3s boost. Any tinned fish is fine, salmon, tuna, mackerel. I drain off the water. I have tiny dogs so I have little one serve tins in the cupboard for fish mornings (once or twice a week)


Cereals are great, rolled oats porridge, rather than Corn Flakes for better nutrition, adding milk and boosting the protein (and yum) with cottage cheese or yogurt (or a boiled egg). Check out our early post Can Dogs Eat Fruit for more information, but adding some berries to this would boost the antioxidants.

Chicken Wings Or Necks

If you have time, chicken wings or necks are an easy breakfast meal, I never leave a dog alone with a bone of any kind, but they are pretty quick to get these ones down. Wings are quite fatty, under the skin, so if fat or weight is an issue for your dog, remove the skin. It comes off quite easily.


Bones for Breakfastare a weekend favourite for Marley, but not Beanie. Lamb leg bones, raw of course, and visible fat removed are our favourite. Bones are not for everyone, and there is risk attached, but dogs do need their teeth to have exercise, for cleaning and for oral health and fun, so if bones aren’t on the menu if you can provide other things to ‘chew on’. I only allow Marley to have the bone for 30 mins then it is taken away. That is enough!


A small bowl of milk is part of our breakfast ritual. Most dogs don’t have a problem with dairy, but it is easy enough to test, give a small amount, and if the runs happen, they are probably not lactose tolerant. Cheese has a lot more fat, so that can be more confusing for tolerance - are they reacting to the fat or the dairy, but milk is straightforward.

Wellbeing Essentials

And the most obvious is if you are having a healthy breakfast then share that, your dog usually loves whatever you are having!

Sprinkling Wellbeing Essentials makes the nutritional bridge easy, adding the calcium they need and acting as a micronutrient safety net and that all important health boost.


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