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Not only are potato pasta and rice excellent sources of energy for your dog, read on to find out how to turn them into superfood for your dog’s long term health. It is easy!

An easy fast and very simple way to have breakfast for the fur kids – our dogs – ready to go in the morning. Although the core part is important for getting the result, this recipe is a guide, you can adapt it to your dog’s taste preferences.

“I have a question I have been meaning to email you and ask. Can dogs have seafood? Salmon and basic white fish? Do you think dogs get allergies to that type of thing?"

The Internet is full of “don’t kill your dog this Christmas” – ‘clickbait’ filling us with fear. Apart from the obvious, don’t eat Santa or the presents under the tree, or the tree for that matter, the normal cautions apply.

Breakfast for dogs is, to me, the easiest meal. Mainly because it doesn’t need to be complicated, and let's face it - who has time through the week to make breakfast for ourselves, much less the fur kids?!

My way of thinking, first of all, is that this is a little meal - usually half or less of what they have for dinner - and I focus on a protein source more than carbs or vegetables.

A friend recently was house-sitting a gorgeous Spoodle named Matilda and neither Matlida’s owner nor my friend cook for themselves, preferring to either eat out or buy prepared food. Money isn’t an issue, this little dog previously had Wellbeing Meals (until I stopped making them) and she is dearly loved. So what does the dog get fed now?
Chicken soup is not only good for the soul, but it is also good for the body too and it's goodness is built on the depth and quality of the stock. Whether for sick dogs or sick humans, chicken soup does wonders. 

Eggs seem to be one of those questions that dog lovers aren’t clear about whether to include or not in their dog’s dinner bowl. So let me assure you, eggs are great for dogs!
They are a relatively inexpensive source of high-quality protein, rich in good fats, vitamins, and nutrients.

Gobble Gobble Nom Nom. (translation “Delicious Turkey Meatloaf”)
Here is one of our favourite recipes to keep in the freezer for 'take-out' nights (take it out of the freezer that is!) One easy-peasy delicious nutritious dinner! Nomnomnom….;o)

Pumpkin keeps stools (poo) soft in dogs.  Not runny, just bulked, and easy to pass.  I can’t say what it does for humans but I know it does this for dogs. He has a generous dessertspoon of steamed and mashed pumpkin in each meal and has no problem with doing his business.  He is a 5-kilo dog so adjust the amount you use for your dog accordingly.

You may know by now that I like to feed my dogs basically what I am cooking for myself with appropriate modifications. I think of it like feeding human kids, leave out the bits they don’t like and keep it simpler. Of course, I can do that because I rely on Wellbeing Essentials to be the bridge between my food and canine nutritional needs.