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Cooking For The Fur Kids - Fat Makes For Yum

When will I ever learn? How much is too much fat? 

Recently we had roast chicken for dinner, with roast carrots, sweet potato, broccoli and potato.

The next day, both poodles had upset tums.  Beanie didn’t want breakfast and just wanted to eat grass, Sparky had the runs, more poo, and more poo!

So what was the problem?

Fat. I cooked the carrots with the chicken (yum yum) but that meant they had chicken fat on them.  Coupled with the extra olive oil on the other root vegetables, and it was a fat overload for my two.

Yes, they are a bit extreme, Beanie has the digestion of a canary, she can’t eat raw food, bones, even cooked chicken cartilage means off food for days, the runs and refusal of food, and any extra fat is a no-no.  It took me almost 10 years to figure out that it was the cartilage I took off a cooked chicken that was a trigger –and Sparky Loves It.

Sparky has a half-sized liver that struggles to keep his blood clean.  We believe there is a shunt (some blood bypasses the liver) but surgery was unable to find it.  Extra fat is just too much for his tiny liver, and although he was fine (no seizure) his bowel had an overload!

And so you have it.  Not all dogs will be like these two, but when making their food it is good to be mindful of how much ‘hidden’ fat is in it.