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The Homemade Dog Diet And Nutritional Deficiencies

Did you know that nutritional deficiency is the No. 1 concern of vets with a homemade dog diet? This isn’t a reason to feed your dog commercial pet food, but it is the reason that I developed Wellbeing Essentials for dogs.

Real food is a living thing and food that you make for your dog will always be better than a highly processed pet food.

The vet’s problem is the gap between what you make and what dogs’ need. I will be writing in the coming months with ideas, information for the kitchen and food for dogs but the simple wholesome way to bridge that gap is with the goodness of the Wellbeing Mix.

It is a safety net for nutritional deficiency, takes out the guesswork of a homemade diet and it will keep your vet happy!

And best of all you can have confidence in your food providing all the goodness they need and Happy Healthy Dogs because they certainly are worth it.

In my experience there are 3 main concerns with the homemade dog diet. Is it:

  1. Balanced for their needs?
  2. Are their micro-nutrient needs being met?
  3. Is there enough variety?

These are the issues that Wellbeing Essentials addresses, but the basic food matters!

Recently on our Facebook page I was asked about a dog’s diet that consisted of mince, sausages and canned tuna. That’s it. This is not a balanced diet, the dog’s micronutrient needs are not being met, and there is insufficient variety, an example of all 3 problems.

Wellbeing Essentials is there to be a bridge between your food and their food, but please, make their food the best you can. Wellbeing will balance most diets, cover their micronutrient needs, and with 20 natural wholefood ingredients, brings variety.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, incorporating more vegetables, some bones if possible, forget the sausages, (high in salt and fat) and mix between tuna sardines mackerel and some fresh fish. Red meat, white meat, eggs, diary, life gives us such an abundance, and to limit means that essential amino acids aren’t provided. And not all meat please, grains and vegetables have so much to offer.

Make sure you always have the Wellbeing Mix on hand and use it everyday for the best results.

Also, don’t forget our Twigglies too, they are super good for dogs with Chia seeds (an amazing super food, which is full of antioxidants & high in Omega 3), almond butter (super healthy and super delicious), oats for health and are made especially to be crunchy and good for those teeth.